Episode 129: Apple’s missing IoT news and adding blockchain to the energy grid

This week’s Apple announcement didn’t offer much for the IoT fans in the audience, although Kevin is deciding if he want’s the LTE-capable Apple Watch. We also talk about a big Bluetooth security vulnerability and Chamberlain’s decision to charge customers who want to create IFTTT integrations. We cover some news about EdgeX Foundry, a new energy monitoring product and an enterprise translation service that requires a “thing.” Finally, we answer a reader’s question about upgrading an old alarm system.

The Apple Watch with LTE and a set of Air Pods might be the future of computing.

Our guest this week talks about a particularly relevant topic given the recent hurricanes. David Martin, co-founder and managing director of Power Ledger, is building an energy trading market using blockchain, connected meters and a network of residential solar. He discusses the bifurcation of the energy market, the trend towards resiliency and how the blockchain can help generate revenue for consumers and the larger energy grid. But, as you’ll hear in this interview, it’s a disruptive concept.

Hosts: Stacey Higginbotham and Kevin Tofel
Guest: David Martin of Power Ledger
Sponsors: ForgeRock and Xively

  • Hey Apple, show me the HomeKit!
  • In which we shame Samsung on Blueborne missteps
  • What to do with an ancient security system? Rip it out.
  • How to use blockchain to make money on renewables
  • Building a more resilient grid starts with IoT (and the blockchain)

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2 thoughts on “Episode 129: Apple’s missing IoT news and adding blockchain to the energy grid”

  1. Additional option for older security systems and DIY homes: this device is added to ademco/dsc alarm panels and “looks” like just another keypad. I use the AD2PI card on a raspberry pi to send emails and sms messages instead of using dialup line. It has good forum and wiki traffic for such a niche product.


  2. I have an older alarm system like your caller mentioned. As much as I would like one of the new systems the construction and layout of my house meant using the wires and sensors that were already in service on my Ademco system was key to keeping the cost of switching down.

    EnvisaLink EVL-4 is what I chose since I have redundant WAN connections, UPS and generator that keep my Internet connected. This board will text, email and signal a free mobile app with alerts at no monthly cost. For those of us whose insurance requires, and covers, monitoring that is optionally available at approximately 1/3 of the monthly cost of my prior cell based service.

    I am very pleased with the solution that has breathed new lift into my old alarm system.

    It offers IP camera monitoring as well, but I have not been able to set that up yet.

    I got it through http://www.eyezon.com and few questions I had were promptly answered.

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