Episode 152: Hot new sensors and Google’s latest deal

Every week we talk about Alexa, and this week’s story is about Amazon showing Alexa off at the annual Toy Fair in New York City. I went there three years ago to explore tech in toys and didn’t find much. It seems that things haven’t changed much. The Alexa implementations aren’t that exciting. We also talked about letting Amazon invest in your startup, awesome new sensors and Google’s plan to buy Xively. Plus we cover new features and a camera from Wyze, Google’s retina scans to predict heart attacks, and the best ways to get Alexa into the car. We also answer a question about a mixed Google and Apple smart home.

The Nucleus video conferencing device. Amazon invested in the maker, and then put out a competing product.

The guest this week is Eve Maler, VP of innovation and emerging technology at ForgeRock. She talks about the multiple personas we have and how to tie that back to the internet of things in a way that’s scalable and doesn’t require a user to have dozens of passwords. She introduces the User Managed Access standard as a way for people to control access to their many many things and talks about the complexities that the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations will mean for data and identity management. It’s a fun episode.

Hosts: Stacey Higginbotham and Kevin Tofel
Guest: Eve Maler, VP of innovation and emerging technology at ForgeRock
Sponsors: Ring and IoT World


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9 thoughts on “Episode 152: Hot new sensors and Google’s latest deal”

  1. RE: Waze Camera


    When I checked out purchaser comments on Amazon for this product, it implied that there were significant security issues. Just curious if you checked this out. I don’t recall you commenting negatively about this during the podcast. I know you are very security conscious, so I wanted to get your feedback.

    Thanks. Love the show…


  2. I just started listening to your Podcasts and found them to be very helpful. However I’ve been perplexed in trying to understand your use of the term “Madam A”.

    I have tried to Google the term multiple times and nothing seems to come up that’s related to the content of your podcast.

    Please let me know what this term means.

      1. But..but…but…. but what is the story behind calling Alexa “Madame A” (apart from the initial A letter from Alexa)? Me and my boyfriend always ponder on your use of this term? Just… whyyyyy!!!??

    1. I’m the new guy and have only heard 3 podcasts so far. I was casting around just now with the same question. Thanks!

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