Episode 121: Everything you need to know about Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth mesh is finally here y’all and we dig in deep to the technology in this episode. First off, Kevin and I discuss what this means for other mesh network technologies and some basic specs. Kevin and I then turn to the topic of IoT security vulnerabilities, the return of Google Glass, an Alexa-powered alarm clock and news of an IoT platform funding. We also complain about the lack of data on device security after taking inspiration from an FBI warning for smart toys. A few news bits on different low power wide area networks rounds out the news portion of the show.

Google Glass
Google Glass goes commercial. Image courtesy of Google.

After that we’re back to Bluetooth mesh with Ken Kolderup, the VP of marketing for the Bluetooth SIG. Kolderup dives deep to explain what Bluetooth mesh is for and how the SIG handled Bluetooth’s power constraints. The solution is a managed flood network that requires developers to use different “mesh models” for different devices. It gets really complicated, really quickly. This show has it all: crazy gadgets and nerdy tech. Enjoy.

Hosts: Stacey Higginbotham and Kevin Tofel
Guest: Ken Kolderup, VP of marketing at the Bluetooth SIG
Sponsors: Schlage and Affiliated Monitoring

  • What is Bluetooth Mesh?
  • Glass is back, y’all
  • To secure your kids’ data, accomplish these impossible things
  • Sensors and lighting are mesh’s first environments
  • Learn all about Bluetooth’s managed flood network

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5 thoughts on “Episode 121: Everything you need to know about Bluetooth Mesh”

  1. That alarm clock looks really cool, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else (maybe even Amazon) gets something similar to market before then. A year is a long time.

  2. Very informative podcast as always.
    So, Things are getting a bit Meshy with the Bluetooth SIG’s Mesh Networking announcement. However, doesn’t iLumi already implement Bluetooth mesh with their MeshTek technology? You’re supposed be able to extend the range of their LEDs by having them spaced out so they are in reach of each other when MeshTek is implemented.
    Ah, Enter the Sandman Doppler Alarm Clock. Looks very cool. Is Madame ‘A’ always listening while you sleep? What happens if you wake up and find you purchased a ton of stuff from Amazon while dream shopping? I’m thinking she should go to sleep as well when the owner does.
    Man, I need to get C.H.I.P.’y and pick up one of those NextThing dev kits.

    Have you guys seen the Micro:Bit from the BBC? Tiny board but still includes BLE.

    Thanks guys!

  3. When do you think Wi-Fi Mesh vendors (eg, Plume, eero) will incorporate Bluetooth Mesh into their wall outlet mesh devices? Don’t you think this would be valuable? A “two-fer”, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Mesh in the same device…

  4. Hey guys, Alex here from Palo Alto Innovation, the makers of the Doppler. Thanks so much for the shout out during the “gadget fetish” portion of the show!

    @Lee, we hope nobody beats us, but we wanted to make sure we had a reasonable time to market on there. Better to under promise than push back the launch a couple times.

    @Jon, There is a very easy to access mute button on the top of the device that you can press if you’re prone to mid night sleep buying.

    Stacey, hope to replace that dot by your bed with a Sandman soon! Thanks again!

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