Episode 176: Why did Apple join the Thread Group?

This week Kevin and I kick off the show with our thoughts on the future of hearables before explaining why we think Apple joined the Thread Group and what it means for future HomeKit products. From there we talked about a new report suggesting that IoT will be a $520 billion industry by 2021 and how enterprise and industrial IoT has stalled. A reader tip led us to valuable security actions you can take with your connected devices from Make magazine and Kevin shares his thoughts on the new Anki robot.  We hit news from ARM, the feds, Control4 and Smarter before answering a listener question about IR in the smart home.

The new June oven is $499 for a limited amount of time. It will eventually retail for $599.

Our guest this week is Matt Van Horn, who is the CEO of June. This week June launched a second generation oven that is roughly a third of the price of the original. Van Horn shares how June made that possible, how the company is using data to improve the user experience and why he’s not going into meal delivery kits anytime soon. He also shares a recipe for S’mores. Enjoy the show.

Hosts: Stacey Higginbotham and Kevin Tofel
Guest: Matt Van Horn of June
Sponsors: NETGEAR and Afero

  • We’re going to ditch screens for voices in our ears
  • Security tips for your Pis and IoT devices
  • Check out Bond for IR control
  • No knobs and scaled back sensors lower June’s price tag
  • Why June has 64 ways to cook bacon

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One thought on “Episode 176: Why did Apple join the Thread Group?”

  1. Stacey and Kevin,

    Thanks for another great podcast. You guys always provide awesome news for the IoT space.

    The Vector bot by Akai looks very cool. These little bots seem to being doing well. I’m certainly looking to jump on the Kickstarter for this although they have surpassed their goal. However, not all is so bright and shiny in the home bot arena. I’m not sure if you had see that Kuri by Mayfield Robotics has been halted and they will not be shipping any bots to customers. This is sad since it was a nice looking home bot. Also, Jibo had announce earlier that they were laying off a number of folks but nothing has been announced lately. Misty Robotics seem to be moving along nicely though.

    With regards to the Raspberry Pi security post, that is a great article from Makezine. I would add that if folks are looking to add a Pi to their Wireless connected, to beware that the default way to do this is to hard code the SSID and Passcode in plain text in the config file. The better option is to use wpa_passcode tool to create an encrypted pass code that can be used in place of the actual passcode (psk).

    Have you guys heard of Motionloft? This seems like a cool project by Mark Cuban from Stacey’s locale. They seem to be looking to open an office in my area near Sacramento, CA.

    Thanks for sharing y’alls IoT insights each week.



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