Episode 199: Check out Maslow’s Hierarchy of IoT

We finish up our CES thoughts this week, although after living it, writing about it and talking about I’m not sure what’s been covered and where. We talk about Wi-Fi devices, Chamberlain working with Amazon’s Key program, and Kevin’s post-CES thoughts. We then turn to some security issues that are still plaguing companies grabbing and storing IoT data from Gemalto and Trend Micro. But avoid despair, IEEE has an idea to help improve security. In fun news, Lutron made an acquisition, Kevin’s excited about robots in his grocery store and there’s a new idea to protect your privacy from smart speakers. We also answer a listener question about tracking when someone comes home from school.

ABB makes robots and the software to work with them. Image courtesy of ABB.

Our guest this week is Guido Jouret, the chief digital officer from ABB. ABB makes everything from industrial robots to plastic zip ties in more than 290 factories around the world. Jouret explains Maslow’s hierarchy of IoT needs, or rather IoT development. From there we discuss the industrial IoT moonshot and new capital models enabled by usage-based pricing. What if pension firms end up owning big industrial assets while other companies merely pay per use? It turns capital expenditures into operating expenditures for manufacturers and lets investment firms own the capital equipment. Crazy. You’ll like this episode.

Hosts: Stacey Higginbotham and Kevin Tofel
Guest: Guido Jouret, chief digital officer of ABB
Sponsors: FairCom and Afero

  • CES was not the leap forward we wanted
  • Here’s our Instagram account
  • Amazon’s Key program just got a lot more compelling
  • There are five layers to Maslow’s Hierarchy of IoT and most of us are only two layers up
  • How usage-based pricing of big equipment might change the assets pension funds hold

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3 thoughts on “Episode 199: Check out Maslow’s Hierarchy of IoT”

  1. I love this guy!. WOW!!! When I was in school in the Navy I was taught to think in concepts. Before I learned my first computer I need to learn why a computer. I needed to learn what the parts of a computer were and how they related and then do that in an iterative process down through the component layers. Listening to Guido reminded me of that. He sees not just what his organization is working on but the spiderweb of relationship. How he is impacted and how he impacts. So refreshing. I have seen many big picture executives over the years come out with grand ideas that were impractical if not destructive due to their lack of understanding of what was going on at the molecular level. Guido gets it.

  2. Thanks for another very interesting episode. I was thinking about the kid in the wheelchair who wanted to let his parents know when he was arriving home. You mention IFFFT to send text when arriving wi-fi zone. I’m using IFFFT with location service to write a new entry in a spreadsheet when I arrive/depart work to keep track on my working hours. They could probably use that procedure to trigger a txt, and it could be done some earlier than entering the wi-fi zone so they have some more time to be in place when the bus arrive.

    Thanks again for introducing me into the IoT universe, and I’m looking forward to episode 200 🙂

  3. Great view from the CDO of ABB. It will be interesting to see how the key players in the IIOT space work (together or separately) to build out the connected ecosystem for customers.

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